ABOUT ICAT - Why we built it

ICAT was launched and established as an infection control auditing solution in 2005 and is widely used across the UK in many healthcare organisations, including the NHS.

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ICAT is the primary healthcare auditing solution for Infection Prevention Solutions which has a well-established and large, qualified Professional Nurse led Infection Control team. This team undertakes all types of healthcare audits, both clinically and environmentally, with the corresponding reports and action plans being produced at the press of a button.

With over 200 types of audit in ICAT, we are not simply an audit solution to tick a CQC box as many auditing companies profess to do, but a real, professional, compliance-based healthcare auditing solution to manage all types of audits for healthcare professionals. Audit is not just about compliance of a KLOE, but a process of a systematic examination of a given standard and identifies discrepancies between documented standards and actual practice.

Infection control auditing is a safeguarding measure which can be used to provide assurance to various stakeholders, which should include the organisation undertaking the audit. Our wide range of audit tools fulfil all needs of the organisation and complies with CQC expectations as we work to all of the relevant and current healthcare legislation, best practices and expert guidance with every audit tool.

Our qualified infection control clinical team update and manage all of the audit tools within this healthcare auditing software. We can also bespoke any health care audit tools and add in your own organisational audit tools for you to use throughout the same audit software and content platforms that ICAT has built into its structure.

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Healthcare audit library

ICAT comes with a very large content driven database of over 200 audits to choose from across all Healthcare sectors.


The ICAT auditing software can be run either on a fully managed support using our team or partial support using your own team.

Security & data protection

We have a built-in comprehensive set of security features ensuring that the system is secure and updated regularly to defend against malicious attacks.

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